The Cuddles Orchestra

Francesca Borgarello
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A book to sing, dance and have fun throughout the day.
Play with the rhythm: there are tunes for you to let your hair down, dance, laugh, play and even heal...
Listen to unknown words, that sound like a magic spell to calm and reassure.
Look and find where animals are hiding amongst the pages.
Stimulate children with music and enjoy watching their reactions!

Mamme in Sol is the music that accompanies a unique period in a mother's life, the soundtrack of an unforgettable journey together with her child.

Zerotre Is a series that follows children throughout the stages of their growth, to discover, play, laugh, use their imagination. It suggests moments for sharing and complicity that strenghten the adult-child relationship, to keep on playing and making new discoveries everyday.

Maggiori Informazioni
ISBN/EAN 9788857017099
Linea editoriale Zerotre
Fascia d'età 18 - 36 mesi
Dimensioni 21,5 x 22 cm
Autori Francesca Borgarello
Illustratori Giuditta Gavriaghi
Legatura Copertina cartonata
Numero pagine 22
Lingua English
Caratteristiche con CD, con QR code
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