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The official catalogue of Museo Egizio in Turin

A fundamental work to discover the new Museo Egizio di Torino

After three and a half years of work, the Museo Egizio di Torino re-opened to the public on 1 April 2015 completely transformed. Doubled in size and with a completely renovated visitor route, the Museum founded in 1824 presents a spectacular new layout that highlights the masterpieces that have made the Turin collection famous - such as the Tomb of Kha and the statue of Rameses II - and sheds light on every aspect of Egyptian civilisation, from daily life to popular cults, from mummification to textile production.

The volume, the Museum's official catalogue and the first title to be published after the reopening, offers a complete and exhaustive overview of the treasures in the Turin collection, covering more than three thousand years of Egyptian history. Under the supervision of director Christian Greco, the same team of Egyptologists who curated the current layout accompanies the reader on a virtual tour, entirely faithful to the new exhibition itinerary. After the chapter devoted to the history of the Museo Egizio, the different epochs of Egyptian civilisation - from the Predynastic Period to the Late Antique Period - are traversed, concluding with the exploration of some specific themes: textile production, mummies and papyri. Great prominence is given to the findings in the village of Deir el-Medina, inhabited by the craftsmen who made the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, which have made it possible to reconstruct the daily life of these men and women. There are of course also the collections of sarcophagi - to which the museum has dedicated a special space - and monumental statues, housed in the impressive 'Gallery of the Kings'.

Thanks to the divulgative approach of the texts and the extraordinary richness of the images (over 340, many of which were taken for the occasion), the volume is also a fundamental work - accessible to all - for understanding Ancient Egypt in all its aspects.

Texts by:
Matilde Borla, Rosa Boano, Federico Cesarani, Simon Connor, Massimo Cultraro, Paolo Del Vesco, R.J. (Rob) Demarée, Sara Maria Demichelis, Federica Facchetti, Alessia Fassone, Enrico Ferraris, Elisa Fiore Marocchetti, Giovanni Gandini, Christian Greco, Renato Grilletto, Maria Cristina Martina, Beppe Moiso, Cinzia Oliva, Federico Poole, Marcella Trapani and Federica Ugliano.

The official catalogue is also available in Italian and French.

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